The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

If you’re thinking about taking a late summer trip with your friends or family, camping offers an affordable and fun option. It not only gives everyone a chance to unplug from their devices and spend some time focusing on each other and nature, but it has even been shown to help children deal with stress and decrease restlessness. This advice from will help ensure your camping trip is fun and safe.

No campsite is complete without a fire, so get your whole family involved by sending them to collect wood. Smaller children can help by picking up small sticks and twigs or bark, while teens and adults can collect larger logs to be used as fuel.

Once the fire is roaring, you’re going to want to cook up some fun and delicious campfire treats. Beyond the classic s’mores, try skewering an unpeeled banana and cooking it on the fire the same way you would marshmallows. Once it’s soft, slice it down the middle, add your own treats like chocolate chips, and use a spoon to eat it. Quesadillas are another easy option: just wrap the uncooked quesadilla in foil and throw it in a cast iron pan or directly on the grill.

Of course, any time you’re in the wilderness and around fire, there is a chance for injury. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with these situations when they arise by packing an emergency supply kit. Items you will want to include in the kit include first-aid supplies, blankets, batteries, water, medication, flashlight, maps, and a compass or GPS.

CRS “Your Home” Newsletter – July/August 2014

Tammy Fadler