Trying to sell a home can often be difficult. Everyone likes something different. The question then becomes, how do you present your home so that a wide variety of potential buyers become interested? Enter the practice of staging a home. This is when you furnish your home to show off its most attractive qualities and properties, making it more appealing to buyers.

Taking the art of staging a step further is the practice of virtual staging. With no actual furniture involved, this is a digital rendering of what a potential home could look like when furnished. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks with virtual staging:


– If your home is empty, it’s easier to showcase its best features

– Considerably cheaper than traditional staging

– Grabs the attention of buyers who primarily view properties online

– Allows the variation of styling for flex rooms, or rooms that can be used for different purposes


– If you need to remove items or furniture from photos, this could raise the cost

– Buyers can’t see the room as designed in person, sometimes deterring a purchase

– Often difficult to configure if the house is occupied, unless you have previous listing photos