Curbing the Winter Blahs

Curbing the Winter Blahs

While the weather outside might be frightful, your home’s curb appeal can still be delightful. The following ideas from can help make your home stand out even when it’s cold and gray outside.

Clean the gutters. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home, create ice dams that can damage gutters and attract pests.

Keep visitors safe. Clear the walkways, driveway and stairs of snow and ice so prospective buyers can make it to your front door without slipping.

Provide proper lighting. As the days get shorter, it gets darker earlier. Lights can illuminate the path to the front door, and sconces or lanterns on each side of the door can give buyers a warm welcome.

Colorize the exterior. Bare trees won’t hide your home’s faded or chipped paint, so five your home a fresh coat. A front door painted in a bright color can make it stand out amidst the gray landscape.

Use winter decorations wisely. Keep holiday decorations to a minimum, and use them to show off your home’s best features. A string of white lights around the windows can make your home look festive.

Bring out the green. Evergreen trees and cold-weather plants, such as pansies and witch hazel, can liven up a dreary landscape.

By following these simple tips, your home can make a great first impression in any season.

CRS Your Home Newsletter, November/December 2015

Tammy Fadler