Color Your World

Color Your World

With autumn just around the corner, you want to give your home a fresh look for the season. Better Homes and Gardens reports that brushing on a new coat of paint is an obvious first step, but by adding small splashes of color to your home’s exterior, you can improve curb appeal and entice buyers to walk through your door.

If you don’t have the time or exterior, focus on one or two areas, such as the front door, window trim or the roof. Look for doors that come ready to be painted and choose high-quality acrylic latex paint. If your budget allows, decorative glass inserts add more visual interest, and often complement a range of housing styles.

Painting the roof can often make a big impact on your home’s overall look. For best results, choose a tone in the same color family as the home’s paint or siding color, or pick a color that’s close to the hues in the brick or mortar.

Don’t feel like painting? Changing out the hardware and lighting in your front entrance — from the door knockers and house numbers to the porch lights and mailbox — adds character to your home’s appearance, while plants such as coleus and big-root geraniums are lower-cost and colorful options for your landscaping. These plants also thrive in shady areas and are easy to care for.

CRS “Your Home” Newsletter – September/October 2014

Tammy Fadler