Cleaning House

Cleaning House

While cleaning may be one of the last things on your mind when you’re out in the sun having fun this summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t still take some steps to spruce up your house and prepare yourself for fall. With the following tips from, you can make your summer more pleasant and ensure the transition to fall goes smoothly.

Easy opening: You’ll be opening and closing sliding doors in your home many times this summer, and if the tracks are dirty, they’ll be more difficult to open. Using a degreasing all-purpose cleaner and a screwdriver covered with a rag, you can eliminate the grit. Simply spray the cleaner into the track, let it sit for a few minutes, and then run the rag through the track to pick up the dirt.

Stop the smell: When it’s really hot outside, a garbage can’s smell can get out of control. To neutralize this, clean the inside of your garbage can by rinsing it with a hose, spraying it with disinfectant and then repeating. Leave it upside down to dry and once you’re done, use trash bags or liners to keep the inside of the can from retaining odor.

Take advantage of the season: Maintenance and cleaning businesses — like carpet cleaners, gutter services and window washers — are slow in the summer, so look for discounts on these services. Summer is not as busy for the furnace business, so scheduling maintenance for your HVAC system is a great idea. It’s easier to get the serviceman to your house, and you’ll be well prepared for the first cold fall night.

CRS “Your Home” Newsletter – July/August 2014

Tammy Fadler