Cause for Celebration

Cause for Celebration

Summer is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a cool drink at an outdoor party with your friends and family. If throwing your own celebration is part of your summer plan, these tips from will help make your party seem effortless.

Get help – While you may want to give the impression that you pulled off the perfect party all by yourself, if you really want to ensure everyone has a great time — including yourself — ask one of your friends to help you with simple day-of tasks, such as making sure the garbage isn’t full or restarting the music when the playlist ends.

Eat right – Pick smart choices for your party. This means if it’s outdoors, try and find things that are easy to eat without making a mess. Finger foods like bruschetta or small sandwiches are always a big hit. If you’re making a salad, try using hardier greens like cabbage that won’t wither in the heat as easily; lightly dressed coleslaw is great for this.

Banish Bugs – Citronella candles at the edges of your party will help drive away annoying insects. You can also leave bowls of juice (cherry is one that works well) farther away to attract insects so they don’t bother your guests.

CRS ‘Your Home’ Newsletter — May/June 2014 Issue

Tammy Fadler