Buyers Seek Smart Homes

Buyers Seek Smart Homes

How smart do you want your next home to be? Accord- ing to a recent survey by ERA Real Estate and HGTV, nearly half of today’s homebuyers (46 percent) want their next home to have smart technol- ogy. Smart homes enable homeowners to control systems and appliances via Internet-connected devices. Many consumers believe a home with smart technology brings more comfort, safety and cost savings.

The survey also finds that more than half of homeowners (51 percent) would consider installing smart home technology to make their home more marketable to future buyers.
The most popular smart features for homebuyers involve security, heating and cooling, and lighting. For example, homes equipped with remote access to security cameras allow homeowners to monitor their home while they are away and can be programmed to close and lock doors remotely with a touch of a button on a smartphone.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to automatically adjust room temperatures after the homeowner has left the house to avoid unnecessary heating or cooling during their absence, or adjust the temperature to the owner’s comfort level before they walk in the door. Some programs also track a home’s energy consumption through a website or app.

Automated lighting is another sought-after feature that enables homeowners to turn lights on and off remotely from a smartphone. For many tech-savvy homebuyers, investing in a house with smart technology is a practical choice worth the extra investment.

CRS Your Home Newsletter, January/February 2015

Tammy Fadler