It’s easy to get excited when you start looking for a home to purchase, but don’t let that adrenaline rush cloud your judgment! Sellers who are eager to sell might not be totally forthcoming in revealing any existing issues with the home. Here are a few red flags you should be on the lookout for when attending an open house:

1 Something smells. While at first it may seem pleasant, prospective sellers may try and add overwhelmingly powerful scents to their home for the showing. This could be an attempt to mask a serious odor problem in the home.

2 Amateur tiling. When looking at all the floor and kitchen tiling, you need to notice the details. If there are spaces or grouting issues, that’s a sign that the homeowners have done the tiling themselves, which may lead to an
expensive future project for you.

3 Cracks in the foundation. Of course, every home has its share of small cracks. But it’s important to observe whether the base of your prospective new home has serious foundational issues. Check to see if doors or windows stick when opening and closing them, signifying a shifting foundation. Also, look for large, noticeable cracks on walls, floors or ceilings.

4 Freaky fungus. Make suret to check out all pipes and drains in the home to see if there is any mold present. Take it a step further and check to see if there are any faults or leaks, which may lead to fungus growth later on.

5 Cosmetic enhancements. If any changes to the home seem extremely recent or out of place, that could be a sign that the owners are trying to hide something. Fresh new paint or plaster on the walls could be a sign of mold growth. A brand-new rug on the floor can mean there’s a stain or flooring issue that’s being hidden.

Tammy Fadler